Welcome to Wishbringer - The Magick Stone of Dreams
In order to find the cache of Magick Stones, you must play the Infocom classic game Wishbringer. All the resources to play the game are available on this web page.

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Start your journey by reading the story of the
Magick Stone called Wishbringer.
The Legend of Wishbringer

These items may help you on your quest.
Start by reading the letter from your boss Mr. Crisp.
As a postal carrier you might find the postal map handy.
Read letter from Mr. Crisp
Look at postal map
Look at envelope

To find the Magick Stones you will need to
answer a few questions...
Find Magick Stones

Download the game file and interpreter to play the game.
Read the manual to learn how to play Infocom games.
Here are some clues if you get stuck. Try not to use too
many clues it might ruin the game experience!
Download Game Files
Wishbringer Manual
Wishbringer Hints

Wishbringer is only one of Infocoms Interactive Fiction titles.
Learn more about Infocom and their games here.
World of Infocom

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